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Speed to respond and personalisation lead to better
outcomes for businesses and customers

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Engage with every lead or customer on their terms. Allow customers to move conversations across SMS, MMS, Chat and WhatsApp so you never lose the connection or the sale.
Brandcam Conversations

GROW your revenues with CONVERSATIONS at the right time

Customer interaction means opportunity. BrandCam conversations are in real-time so answering questions and closing deals has a much faster sales cycle than email and much more convenient than calls. Team members will be much more efficient and successful.
Conversations With Your Clients

CUSTOMER experience is as IMPORTANT as the product

Buyers want to work with products and services where the process is easier, more fluid, and quicker. BrandCam conversations help produce this flow as it allows the consumer to do what they want when they want, resulting in more sales and happier customers.
BrandCam Conversations

Build TRUST with human answers to customers QUESTIONS

Buyers hate forms and emails knowing the response can take days or weeks. BrandCam conversations are just that “conversation”. Two-way instant questions and answers with a human element which builds trust and loyalty.
Customer Trust and Loyalty