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Local search has increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic. People are looking at ratings when using search to choose local businesses. Only BrandCam sends personalised “thank you” video review requests in under 30-seconds that get huge results.
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Often unhappy customers just need to be heard and want to do that offline. Reduce negative feedback without breaking Googles’ review gating policy, and turn unhappy customers into brand ambassadors via the “Can we improve” link to maintain constantly higher ratings.
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Spam has increased dramatically and people are hesitant to click on links they don’t trust. BrandCam Reviews add your brand or business name automatically to every link. You get higher click thru rates which leads to more reviews and feedback which generates more customers.
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Convert more website visitors by showing off your latest reviews on your Home page with the BrandCam Review Aggregator, which auto updates every six hours.
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