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Create And Share a Listing Video
in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Shoot or import content and say goodbye to editing

Record your video, press pause in between video segments. You can also import an existing video, e.g. introducing yourself as an agent to further personalise the video, before hitting save.

Real Estate Videos
Brandcam Personalised Video


Add your branding
Swipe to select your branded overlay, then select to attach a video intro and outro to your video, both either automatically created by us during your account setup, or uploaded by you, then add background music - all within a few seconds! You can then preview, and add a voice over before sharing.
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Meet one-click
and save a ton of time
Send your video directly to a client via SMS, or choose the Social channels you wish to share to by just adding your title and description to share your content natively, avoiding the pain of resizing.
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Real Time Text Conversations

That's a wrap! Done.

You've just produced a great video like a pro. And its on your BrandCam
gallery so you can share again to one or many, any time you like
Conversations With Your Customers
Now you have
time to focus on real-time text
with your customers
Whether conversations are started by our webchat on your website, or in response to a video or campaign you have sent, generating sales has never been this fast or easy. Customers opt in to initiate the conversations. Receiving a text, opening it, and considering a response puts customers in an active role which drives more positive outcomes —all through their preferred channels of text, MMS, chat and WhatsApp.
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Finally, verify you’re a
quality real
estate agent
people can trust
Send personalised video requests which contain a delayed popup up window with a link to a branded review landing page created by BrandCam especially for you - and be different from every other request your client has ever received.
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